Health Promotion & Strategic Communication

One of Askaan's specific objectives is to strengthen community involvement in the management of health issues. As health promotion plays an important role in the adoption of new social ideas or products, it is imperative for our experts to analyze the processes of community organization and participation. To this end, the identification and analysis of behavioral determinants related to health issues are at the heart of our work methods in order to initiate the implementation of inclusive strategies based on contextually appropriate interventions. Health promotion requires a more diversified use of information and approaches.  

 Several strategies are used by Askaan's experts to carry out this work.  

  - Behavior Change Communication  

  - Interpersonal communication 

  - Mass communication 

 - The plea 

 - Social mobilization 

 - Social marketing 

 - Design and production of materials 

 - Capacity building of actors 

- Research: qualitative and quantitative research methods (focus groups, participatory action research method (PARM), surveys and polls) 

In the interest of transparency and accountability, Askaan strives to disseminate the results of its research to the population for validation and appropriation for dissemination and use.