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Published on 02/12/2021

The Kankan Regional Health Department, under the leadership of the Strategy and Development Office, in collaboration with the Expanded Programme on Immunization and with the support of Askaan Health, has developed its operational action plan for the year 2022.

As part of its technical assistance mission for the implementation of the routine immunization strengthening program, Askaan Sante is working with the Government of Guinea, particularly the Regional Directorate of Kankan, to improve the planning and implementation of immunization activities.

In November 2021, with the assistance of central level actors (Strategy and Development Office & Expanded Program on Immunization) and the support of Askaan Health, the Kankan Regional Health Directorate developed its operational action plan for the 2022 fiscal year.  

The overall objective of the immunization component of this plan is to contribute to improving the supply, demand and quality of routine immunization services in the Kankan region in order to increase immunization coverage.

The process of developing the operational action plan has thus made it possible to identify, with health stakeholders, high-impact activities to be implemented during the year 2022, to develop detailed budgets for the planned activities and to integrate the funding of all the partners in the region into a single plan.

The OAP development process was based on the budgeted multi-year plan for strengthening routine immunization and the 2015-2024 Ten-Year Health Development Plan, the Republic of Guinea's benchmark for health system improvement.

Askaan Health's support to the Guinean health system is made possible by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) which is supporting the Government of Guinea through the strengthening of the routine Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) as an entry point to improve district health capacity with more effective involvement of community bodies.