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Published on 18/07/2022

Type of contract : full time

Director of Strategy and Development

Job Title: Director of Strategy and Development

Duration of the contract: 1 year renewable

Type of employment: full time

Work location: Dakar, with travel opportunities to program areas

Line manager: Executive Director

About Askaan Health

ASKAAN SANTÉ is an organization based in Senegal, with the main objective of contributing to the empowerment of communities to be the agents of their own development and well-being. Our credo: "to address issues holistically and solve complex health problems through innovative and inclusive gender-sensitive approaches.

Our vision:

  • An Africa where people fully enjoy their health and well-being
  • An Africa where all health actors work effectively in synergy and harmony with the populations


The Director of Strategy and Development is responsible for defining the strategy and development of the organization. He/she ensures that the strategic orientations are in line with the management methods and resources.

He is also in charge of detecting new opportunities to increase the organization's portfolio by ensuring coherence and synergy between the different programs and projects.

The Director of Strategy and Development coordinates all of the organization's projects, providing strategic direction to the program management teams, and ensuring that program results are in line with signed donor agreements.

Works with the program manager(s) to provide strategic direction and thought leadership in the strategic design and implementation of programs.

The Director of Strategy and Development ensures optimal internal and external institutional communication in order to make Askaan Santé's contribution to strengthening health systems in the West African sub-region and improving the well-being of the population more visible to donors and public authorities.

Summary of work / responsibilities

  • Set the strategic direction of the organization in accordance with the vision and direction of the Executive Board;
  • Translate the organization's strategic development plan into realistic operational plans;
  • Ensure coherence between the vision, the strategic direction and the human, material and financial resources;
  • Leading the organizational development of the NGO;
  • To unite the employees around the project and the development objectives;
  • Develop and ensure the implementation of a resource mobilization strategy;
  • Identify and capture opportunities for organizational development;
  • Ensure the institutional communication of the organization with the objective of strengthening the image of Askaan Santé with donors and public authorities;
  • Provide strategic direction to all programs in the portfolio;
  • Support the program manager(s) and the entire team in the design, development, planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions in the various programs;
  • Provide guidance in the design of detailed thematic strategies and plans, terms of reference (TORs), tools, guides, and standard operating procedures necessary for program success;
  • Provide guidance to the program manager to ensure the successful delivery of technical assistance to government health teams by ensuring that program implementation and work plans are completed as planned, targets and technical requirements are met, and deliverables are completed in accordance with donor/donor agreements and program objectives;
  • Facilitate knowledge management and information flow for program planning, design and implementation;
  • Participate in program team brainstorming and problem solving meetings to provide constructive feedback to the entire team;
  • Support the program manager(s) and other team members in setting program objectives, defining targets, establishing and achieving operational milestones on time, and periodically measuring program performance;
  • Determines the strategic orientations, the objectives to be reached and the means to be implemented, after analysis and evaluation of the various market components
  • Leads, coordinates and controls, with his collaborators, the design and implementation activities necessary for the market development of the services offered by Askaan
  • Perform any other duties assigned by the Executive Director as required.

Working methods

The Director of Strategy and Development works closely with the Program Manager(s) and the Grant & Finance Manager, under the direction of the Executive Director

He/she will work full time and will be based at Askaan Santé headquarters (Dakar) with the possibility of occasional travel to program implementation areas.


Training & experience

  • Hold at least a Master's degree in Public Health, Health Program Management, Doctor of Medicine or other equivalent degree
  • At least 10 years of experience in public health program management
  • Demonstrated experience in implementing project and program management techniques and methodologies to improve health outcomes
  • At least 5 years of work experience with international NGOs or firms working in health in Africa
  • Experience in training and capacity building of staff

Specific Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of the health systems of French-speaking West African countries;
  • Understanding public health challenges in developing countries;
  • Proven managerial skills;
  • Excellent analytical skills (including a high level of numeracy) and strategic design
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to present complex data in a compelling and accessible manner to a variety of audiences;
  • Persuasion and ability to negotiate at a high level with different organizations;
  • Autonomy and Initiative (Ability to make decisions independently, when necessary, on difficult issues, working under tight and often changing deadlines) ;
  • Creativity, taste for innovation;
  • Leadership, teamwork skills;
  • Ability to anticipate the factors of evolution of an environment and to deduce strategic choices;
  • Ability to communicate in order to federate around the project and the objectives of the organization;
  • Ability to convince and create support.
  • Mastery of organizational and project management techniques
  • Mastery of team management techniques
  • Negotiation expert
  • Perfect command of written and spoken English

Applications must be sent by e-mail no later than 07/08/2022 to with the subject line "Application for the position of Director of Strategy and Development".and Development".

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