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Published on 16/09/2022

EPI Guinea: a strategic performance management tool put in place

Askaan Health participated in the selection and parameterization of 60 key EPI indicators in the Guinea DHIS2.

The Expanded Programme on Immunization in collaboration with the Bureau of Strategy and Development (BSD), the Programme Management Support Unit (UAGCP), the Information System Modernization Service (SMSI), with the technical support of Askaan Santé and Dalberg organized a three-day workshop in Kindia from July 27 to 29, 2022. 

This workshop is a continuation of the roadmap developed at the end of the routine EPI re-launch workshop held from June 20 to 24, 2022, which focused on reducing the gap between coverage survey data and administrative data from 40% to 5%. 

Like most African countries, Guinea has opted for the DHIS2 to collect, validate, analyze, and present health information to guide decision making.

One of the milestones for the achievement of this objective is the parameterization of the new DHSI2 instance. At the end of the work in Kindia, 60 indicators were identified, their nomenclature and calculation mode defined and implemented in the DHIS2.

The current version of Guinea's DHIS2 does not include indicators related to vaccine management; these are managed in a different platform called eSigl. 

In the future, it is planned to export the eSigl indicators to the DHIS2 for integrated management of health data. The EPI, in conjunction with the BSD, intends to make Kankan the pilot region for setting up a dashboard of key indicators and planning tools.