Pr Issakha Diallo

Dr. Issakha Diallo’s well-established professional career in public health spans more than 30 years, highlighted by a broad range of technical and management leadership achievements in promoting health in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Diallo has been a leader in family planning (FP) program development, institutional development in the public and NGO sectors, and development of schools of public health and training institutions. His depth of experience encompass a broad range of technical areas, such as Primary Health Care, reproductive health (RH), community nutrition, school health, essential drugs, health sector reform, capacity building, applied and operational research, health care financing and health system strengthening. In addition to managing and leading major health institutions he has strong management skills in strategic planning, national and international health program design and implementation and human resources management. Dr Diallo is a physician and holds various higher degrees in public health including : an MPH, DrPH and an Aggregation. His key accomplishments in international programming include but are not limited to successfully leading, within the Advance Africa project team, the collaborative movement toward repositioning Family Planning as a priority health and development intervention that has inspired today many public health regional and local organizations. He also led the World Bank funded Senegalese very successful 5 year-Community Nutrition Project and the USAID AWARE II regional project (for 21 countries) that initiative the use of Community Based Distributors (CBD) to provide injectable contraceptive for the first time in West Africa in Togo. Given the critical shortage of qualified human resources in the West African sub region, the AWARE II project integrated a package of services that included mutually supportive interventions in family planning, maternal, newborn and child health and HIV&AIDS prevention. This package was implemented at community level by well selected, well trained and adequately supported community health workers (CHWs). Dr Diallo has received many awards and distinctions for his academic and public health performance ; published more than 50 various papers in national and international journals and he is member of many scientific and development organizations. He has recently published two books the first dealing with decision making in Primary Health Care and the second one with the abusive use of workshops for continuing training of health professional due to per diem paid to participants.