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Who we are ?

ASKAAN is an organization that provides innovative and inclusive solutions to health problems in Africa.

Our commitment: To strengthen health systems by supporting governments and communities to be agents of their own development.

We provide comprehensive solutions to enable a great impact for the health of millions of patients every year..

Askaan is committed to improving healthcare systems, particularly in the fight against polio in West Africa (Senegal, Guinea and Niger). Vaccines save lives, but only if they reach those who need them most, which requires a well-trained and motivated team, an adequate supply of vaccines and materials in real time, an appropriate infrastructure and a well-informed population that asks to be vaccinated. All these areas need adequate and sustainable funding, and regular research to generate the evidence needed for policy development.

Our mission

To provide, through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, sustainable responses to the health problems of African populations

To remove individual and collective barriers to access to health; through health promotion.

To support communities in developing their capacity to take effective action on their health and well-being.

Create an enabling environment for effective and efficient implementation of interventions through strengthened governancestakeholder leadership, and monitoring and evaluation.

To develop and implement interventions that guarantee the development and well-being of communities and their full empowerment in carrying out sustainable social transformation processes.

Our vision

An Africa where people fully enjoy their health and well-being.

An Africa where all health actors work effectively in synergy and harmony with the communities.

Our values





Leaders of Askaan

Our bright, talented team developed the LifeNet way. They continue to adapt to the needs of individual communities and efficiently implement the strategy based on their experiences on the ground.