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Our area of expertise

Askaan has in-depth knowledge of the public health field, backed up by a network of strategic contacts. We offer a wide range of services for the complete execution of healthcare programs.

Strategic and operational planning

Strategic planning is a dynamic, interactive and rigorous process that allows an institution to project itself into the future by seeking to position itself efficiently in its environment to optimize its chances of success. To this end, it is an essential and indispensable exercise that every organization must undertake.

Advocacy & Resource Mobilization

Generating support, building consensus, creating excitement, maintaining a favorable and conducive climate, improving the implementation of a practice, a law, a procedure, a funding, etc. through a set of well planned and organized actions is an imperative for the success of development projects and programs

Health Promotion & Strategic Communication

One of Askaan's specific objectives is to strengthen community involvement in the management of health issues. As health promotion plays an important role in the adoption of new social ideas or products, it is imperative for our experts to analyze the organization and management processes of health promotion.

Capacity building & Knowledge management

The achievement of development objectives necessarily requires qualified and competent human resources who are responsible for the performance of health programs. Capacity building and knowledge management are becoming essential levers for health systems that want to achieve their objectives. They are key to the success of health systems.

Process documentation

In the field of sustainable development and poverty reduction, knowledge management is a fundamental issue for learning and innovation. To overcome the lack of memory in the optimal management of health projects and programs and to avoid repeating the mistakes made in the past, we have developed a knowledge management system.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Our expertise in monitoring and evaluation allows us to accompany institutions and organizations in this key activity. This accompaniment is offered at all stages of the intervention; from the elaboration of the project in order to optimize its strategies and logic, to the end of the implementation of the intervention

Project and program management

To ensure the achievement of the objectives assigned to a health intervention, ASKAAN has skills but also proven experience that are used to support any institution. These services cover the operationalization of the intervention, its implementation in the field,

Mixed studies and research

Mastering the facts is the best way to identify the main determinants of health and well-being of populations. With the scientific outputs of our research, we provide policy makers and program managers with the appropriate information for decision making

Our fields of activity

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