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Who we are

Founded in 2017 in Senegal, ASKAAN aims at providing innovative and inclusive solutions to health problems in Africa. Thanks to a solid understanding of the West African context, rigorous approaches and a diverse, experienced team, we contribute to strengthening health systems by helping governments and communities to be the agents of their own development.

Our vision

An Africa where people fully enjoy their health and well-being.

An Africa where all health actors work effectively in synergy and harmony with the communities.

Our mission​

To provide, through innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, sustainable responses to the health problems of African populations

To remove individual and collective barriers to access to health; through health promotion.

To support communities in developing their capacity to take effective action on their health and well-being.

Create an enabling environment for effective and efficient implementation of interventions through strengthened governancestakeholder leadership, and monitoring and evaluation.

To develop and implement interventions that guarantee the development and well-being of communities and their full empowerment in carrying out sustainable social transformation processes.

Our values


We demonstrate creative intelligence in developing new strategies, approaches, techniques, methodology, and management ideas that ensure that health service delivery becomes more effective and that communities can demand, access and use these services to improve health outcomes.


We use a systematic approach with meticulous attention to detail to break down problems, understand their root causes, and use fully inclusive and participatory brainstorming methods to generate potential solutions to the challenges presented, leaving no stone unturned.


ASKAAN welcomes and integrates all employees into the work team regardless of their differences and peculiarities. Our inclusive management approach values the professional competences of each individual and celebrates the diversity across the entire team.


We look at the whole person with respect, consideration and empathy, beyond any particular goal or moment. This helps us support each other and our clients in a more meaningful way, allowing us to optimize the delivery of health care services for the entire population.