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Located in West Africa, Guinea has a diverse geography, ranging from mangrove-fringed coastal lowlands to the towering Fouta Djallon highlands.  Its population of around 14 million is young and growing rapidly. Despite its rich natural resources, Guinea remains a Least Developed Country. This economic vulnerability translates into challenges with health infrastructure and access to basic services. Faced with significant immunization challenges, the Government of Guinea is working with national and international partners to strengthen the health system and ensure effective access to vaccines. ASKAAN is pleased to be a partner in this mission.

Routine Immunization Strengthening Program (RISP)

The RISP project aims to establish an Expanded Vaccination Program, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Aliko Dangote Foundation, and local governments. In the context of this initiative, ASKAAN is committed to implementing an effective and sustainable routine immunization program in the Kankan region of Guinea over a period of four years (2021–2024). The overarching goal is to ensure availability and accessibility of quality routine immunization services through government ownership and accountability. The main activities carried out by our team include capacity building at various healthcare system levels, monitoring of vaccine availability and distribution, overseeing vaccination sessions, and designing a tailored community engagement strategy. Additionally, the project emphasizes the integration of gender perspectives throughout its design, implementation, and evaluation phases, incorporating gender-specific approaches into routine vaccination sessions and mobile outreach activities.