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Advocacy & resource mobilisation

Generating support, building consensus and enthusiasm, maintaining a favourable and conducive climate, improving the implementation of a practice, a law, a procedure, funding, etc. through a set of well-planned and organised actions is imperative to the success of development projects and programmes.

Our research-based advocacy approach is based on a clear identification of the problem, a realistic and precise design of possible solutions and a precise identification of the levers (decision-makers and influencers) and concrete actions that can change the situation in a way that is favourable to the organisation and its programme or project.

For optimal effectiveness, advocacy activities are integrated into Askaan’s strategic communication interventions. The results of operational research will be used to conduct advocacy, based on :

  • an analysis of the powers in the dedicated field
  • coalition and network building
  • collaboration with technical institutions
  • effective partnership with the media
  • community capacity-building in health governance.

Resource mobilisation will be based on advocacy, to attract investment in the health sector, targeting in particular decision-makers, opinion leaders, religious guides and heads of funding bodies. It uses awareness-raising, negotiation, debate, mobilisation and meetings with the authorities to secure decisions and commitments.