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Exciting Future Collaborations: Merging FinTech Expertise with Public Health Impact

We were honored to host Mr. Alberto Olympio, CEO of OSSIX TECHNOLOGIES LLC, and Mr. Abdourakhma Barry, BBS Invest SARL, at ASKAAN. Mr. Alberto Olympio is the founder and CEO of the Axxend Group and Vice President and Co-founder of the African Technology Forum.

During this meeting, we explored innovative ways to combine FinTech prowess with our commitment to solving health challenges in Africa. ASKAAN looks forward to a promising collaboration with OSSIX TECHNOLOGIES and BBS Invest SARL, creating a synergy that leverages technology and financial expertise to drive positive change in public health.

Our shared vision: Strengthening health systems, empowering communities, and fostering sustainable development.

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“The essence of monumental achievements lies in dreaming big. Let our collective commitment to advancing health and technology be the driving force behind a future that shines with vitality and improved health for all.”

Dr. Fatou FALL NDOYE, Executive Director of ASKAAN

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